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Free resources and programme to help you support your graduates in a difficult job market
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A simple idea to help our graduates.

Classof2020 was crated by educators and academics as a sector initiative to support graduates.

We ask businesses to share training materials, business challenges and webinars with classof2020.

Our user and academic community curates these resources into a free online academy for our graduates.

We are a non-profit, open educational resource initiative, and all the technology and content are donated by partners.
“We taught these students all year, let’s give them all the support they need to succeed.”
Norbert Morawetz
Founder Classof2020
Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship,
Henley Business School

Classof2020 is free

To ensure success of the initiative, we kindly ask participating institutions to register to help coordinate outreach to graduates. 

Free access to platform, resources and community

Support your graduates
Set up free access for your students and graduates and give them all the opportunity you can in a difficult economic environment.
Customize the platform and add your own content and Graduate Employability Awards. Accredit completion and issue digital badges.
With Classof2020 you are part of a community of leading and fast-growing companies, startups and SMEs.
Receive access to sectoral data and employment trends shared by partners.
Online member events to exchange best practice on how to support graduates.
Maken an impact on the whole sector by sharing your own resources and ideas.

Contribute to the Classof2020 initiative

Share courses and learning with a big audience
Classof2020 will reach up to 500k+ young people this year.

Sharing short courses or hosting a webinar will showcase your programme with a national graduate audience.
Learning design
Instructional design of our learning content is driven by volunteers from the academic community.

Make a contribution by joining a community of educators in curating key resources.
Refer new partners
Share information about the campaign with your network of employers and industry professionals.

Grow the impact and network for your own local initiatives.

What is included
in Classof2020

Free learning platform
Playlists and resources from leading companies, SMEs and startups
Updated weekly
Customize platform to your logo and branding
Accredit completion with a digital badge from your university
GDPR compliant, hosted in the UK.
Folio for all graduates
Available on request
Build your own skills awards
Available on request

A simple curriculum focused on developing new digital skills, and growth mindset.