We are Class of 2020

Class of 2020 is a FREE e-learning community platform connecting students, graduates, school leavers and businesses through industry-approved learning programs. The aim is to boost confidence, teach new skills and improve employability

Pass with
flying colours

2020 is a scary time to finish school or enter the job market. That’s why we’ve asked businesses across the UK to share their in-house training on our digital platform. Develop real world skills in a sector of your choice, in partnership with your uni, college or council. We’re here to get you hired.

It’s in your hands…

Our programme empowers self directed upskilling so every student can shine. Seek out material that’s suited to your career of choice, or pick a course and see where it leads you.
Develop skills with the companies you want to work for.
Collaborate on real-life case studies and ongoing projects
Stream live webinars from home.
Get the inside scoops from Q&A sessions with industry veterans.
Shape your own future with great personal development.
Accredit your skills and earn badges with your university.
You are Class of 2020 if you are...

Young. Talented.
Always improving.
Ready to make a difference.

“We've been hard at work to put together something truly amazing for this generation of students.”
Angelo McCaw
Volunteer at Classof2020