Kickstart Scheme

Boost your company by offering 6-month work experiences for young people, fully funded by the UK government

Classof2020 – your Gateway to Kickstart

The UK government’s Kickstart scheme provides funding for companies offering high-quality 6-month work experiences to young people. With Kickstart, your company can hire a young person for 6 months, fully funded by the government. Classof2020 is a registered Gateway Body for the Kickstart scheme. We help your company access the scheme, and help you meet the associated training and development requirements. Classof2020 is on a mission to get as many young people back to work as possible!

What is the Kickstart Scheme?

• Kickstart is the UK government’s scheme to try and prevent young people in a difficult jobs market from becoming reliant on Universal Credit over the long term.

• If your company creates a 6-month work placement for those aged between 16 and 24, and currently on Universal Credit, the Government will pay the equivalent of the minimum wage, National Insurance contributions and minimum automatic enrolment contributions (based on a 25 hours per week placement).

• The idea is that a young person at risk of long term unemployment gets a placement and some valuable experience/training, while the employer gets an additional team member to support their businessneeds.

How to access the scheme

• To access the scheme your company need to have the infrastructure tosupport 30 work placements within your organisation... or you work with a Gateway Body like Classof2020. If we act as your Gateway body, we will bring employers together to form a group and reach the required number of 30, and apply on your behalf taking care of all of the associated administration – with no cost to your company.

• You will also be expected to offer training, development and supportto ensure the young person leaves your organisation more employable than when they started with you. As your Gateway Body, we also have you covered there! Class of 2020 will support your placement with Kickstart Plus, a high-quality training programme we have put together for the scheme.

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Why choose Classof2020 as your Gateway Body?

Working with Classof2020 makes the Kickstart Scheme accessible and hassle free

Classof2020 is a registered Gateway Body for Kickstart and makes it easy for you to access the scheme.
The friendly Classof2020 team is there for you all the way. We are a volunteer run organisation, and will work with you throughout the Kickstart placement to make sure the programme is a success for you.
Training and development programme endorsed by top employers With Kickstart Plus - an online training programme specifically developed for Kickstart - your company will offer every young person a high quality engaging training programme that meets the development requirements. We have curated the best learning from top partners, featuring learning from Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, PwC, Linkedin Learning etc. Upon completing the programme, young people can even earn a Certificate from Henley Business School! Kickstart Plus will help young people to thrive at your company!
COVID-19 has disrupted the global job market on an unprecedented scale, and young people are among the hardest hit. That's why we started Class of 2020 — to give everyone a shot at the future. By working with Class of 2020 as your Gateway Body, you will not only be supporting your young person on their next step on the career ladder but you will also be directly supporting the thousands of young people who benefit from our free training offering.

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